Frequently Asked Questions

1. What community outreach has been done so far around the Master Plan project?

In August 2013 we held two community meetings at the Hazard Park Recreation Center to discuss the project.  We are in the process of setting up meetings for the fall.  If you are interested in scheduling a meeting, please email HSC Community Partnerships

2.  What concerns have you heard from community members about the project?

We are working hard to make sure we listen to all of concerns shared by community members during our meetings.  Some of the concerns that have been shared are:

  • The Norfolk Street completion will damage the “wetlands” area
  • The community will lose park land/green space
  • Many residents have not yet received information about the project – more outreach is needed

3. What suggestions have been made by the community?

There have been many suggestions made and some of them include:

  • Renovate the Hazard Park gym – upgrade the bathrooms and install air conditioning
  • Add recreational features to the park – children’s playground, a water feature

4.  Is the HSC Master Plan related to the LAC+USC Master Plan?

No, both plans are for completely separate entities.  The LAC+USC Master Plan is specific to properties that the County of Los Angeles owns, including the old General Hospital and the new LAC+USC Medical Center.  More information about this plan can be found at:

5.  What is the HSC Beautification Plan?

The plan is intended to make the campus more publicly accessible and pedestrian friendly. Streetscape beautification, which could start in the fall, includes wider sidewalks for a safer environment and more usable public space and the planting of more than 200 trees, as well as the extension of Norfolk Street to Soto Street. The plan also includes undergrounding of overhead utilities, which could begin this summer, for improved reliability of service and safety for university and neighboring community and more unobstructed views.

If you have a question, use the “Ask a Question” form.

6.  Where can I get more background information?

You can visit our key documents page to view presentation slides that describe each phase in more detail.  As well as find the amended Environmental Impact Report, approved in March of 2013.

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